RST Gold Shield

Icon DropShield

Icon DropShield - RST Gold

$20 Suggested Retail USD

Instead of carrying an extra PROSHIELD for changing light conditions; with the flip of a switch, engage the tinted DROPSHIELD hidden within the helmet. Tinted DROPSHIELDS should not be used during hours of low light; instead swap out for a yellow lens or just use the clear ICON PROSHIELD. The DROPSHIELD visor must only be used while the main face shield is in the fully closed position.

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    Icon DropShield
    • Color
    • One Size
    • Clear
    • One Size 0130-0632
    • Dark Smoke
    • One Size 0130-0629
    • Light Smoke
    • One Size 0130-0630
    • Yellow
    • One Size 0130-0631
    • RST Silver
    • One Size 0130-0634
    • RST Gold
    • One Size 0130-0633
    • RST Blue
    • One Size 0101-0636
    • RST Red
    • One Size 0130-0635
    • RST Purple
    • One Size 0130-0894
    • RST Green
    • One Size 0130-0893
    • RST Bronze
    • One Size 0130-1004

    Designed to fit Alliance GT helmets.

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