Airmada Scrawl

Behind the Helmet

Behind the Helmet

Have it your way

You can come at the Airmada Scrawl one of two ways. You either have tattoos and want a helmet to show that you live that life. Or you have no ink what-so-ever and want it on your lid so you don't have to endure the pain of looking cool. Either way, the Scrawl has your perceived needs met. We took a trip to Portland's own,Oddball Tattoo, to meet with the Scawl's artist, Jason Leisge.

He's an oddball

An Indiana native, Jason moved to Portland via Chicago in 2000 and two years later opened Oddball Studio. One look at his work you can tell he's heavily influenced by traditional Japanese and American tattooing which fits right in with Portland's rich Naval history.

Lost at Sea

You know that saying, "if you love something, set it free"? Well, we did.  We placed the artwork for the Airmada Scrawl into a bottle, made a wish, and hucked it into the ocean. 2 years later, it washed up on the syringe encrusted banks of the Willamette with an additional note included that read, "This is beautiful, please make into a helmet. Also, send help". We started making the helmet straight away and are pretty happy with the results. Hope that someone helps them.