Filming col. butterscotch

moto galore

moto galore

Mr. Bobcat

If you say the name Kenny "Bobcat" Wright in our hometown of Portland, OR two things usually come up: 1) Moto Galore, his motorcycle shop/underground bunker/art gallery/time capsule and 2) His magnificent tequila sombreros. Without a doubt, both 1 & 2 are LIMITER worthy, but today we will take a stroll down memory lane with the former. Moto Galore is one of those places you'd walk right by if you didn't know it was there. It's Portland's worst kept secret mainly due to Mr. Bobcat's generous and inviting nature. It was there, amongst his curated cluster of choppers and their accoutrements we filmed the rebirth of Col. Buttscotch. Let's take a look around. Ch'mon!

Good times Galore

Once you make it down the long staircase (or in the freight elevator if you're in the know) you'll find you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some amazing moto-relic of yesteryear. Also, if you're the kind of person who finds themselves swinging a dead cat, we suggest you stop, put the cat down, and take some time to reflect your life choices. Not sure what you've been doing that has led up to this point, but you can't hang out with us if you're gonna do that cat thing. Ok? Nobody likes it.

"No time like the present" is the line said before many of life's poor choices, except down in the deep catacombs of Moto Galore every choice is right. Right now, right on, swipe right. Down there, it all makes sense. This clock is your perfect enabler, here only to help you on your way to an eternal 5 o'clock experience. Forever punching out and always ready to crack a cold one with the gang. We're mildly jealous only because if you're ever at ICON, reader, you'll find we have our own version. Our custom Uncle Jesse clock is surely something to be seen... not here though. Shirley.

Here for a good time

If you stay in Portland long enough, you'll probably find yourself at Moto Galore at some point or another. That's how it happens. POOF! You've been Galore'd. When that day comes, which it will, tell ol' Bobcat ICON sent ya. When he says the code words 'ICON who?' that's your cue to go help yourself to what ever is in his fridge. Bon appetit!