Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival, or as they like to call it, TMMR.

Say it with a Southern drawl slowly with us; timmmmrrr.

We made our way to TMMR where we tipped our ten-gallon hat to the country music legend that just so happened to have brought back motocross as we know it today. Loretta Lynn’s was and still is the final stop for amateur MX racers to show their skill on her motocross track. If you're going to go pro, it's going to happen here. We were honored to be there, to say the least, and quickly got down to eatin’ dust, pickin' up on some sweet Southern twang, and showin’ off our shiny new wares.

*Cough, cough, (Sorry. The dust is getting to us) But, Ahem* have you seen our new Domain yet?!

ICON loves some Southern fried cookin’

But why were we really there? To indulge in some of the finest Southern hospitality we could find that side of the Mississippi, of course. A pit stop on our Boonie Bike Bonanza tour.

Bikes, Bands, Booze, Babes, Buds

everything you could imagine when you think of a country-spirited biker campout

Wanna try your hand at a hill climb? Twist the wick and let your butthole give your seat a hickey all the way up the hill then! Got a little muddy? There’s a flowing creek next to the “Waterin’ Hole” stage where you can take a dip, float around with a cold one while also honing in on the band that’s pickin’ n a singin’ away. Bike got dirty too? Quit whining and go ride it through the crik.

Our customized Boonies were ready to rip.

The sun was out and hotter than a pepper sprout.

Cowboys and girls were lining up to get on these li’l buckin’ broncos. Instead of just going fast and turning left, we took to the infield of the Fist City Flat Track to keep the skill trials more intensely leveled.

Dust, cones, and barrels - Barrels, cones, and more dust

From Hillbillies to Hooligans, when the green flag waved, no one could manage to keep these spicy bikes and their front end on the ground.

If you didn’t listen to the instructions, you might be confused as to which way you needed to ramble around, but as you can see from some of the groups above, a cool level-headed noggin in your brain bucket is all you really needed to strategize your way back to the ICON arch in a checkered flag triumph.

Besides it being hotter than blue blazes throughout our time spent at TMMR, all in all, we had ourselves way too many corndogs and a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

We reckon’ if the creek don’t rise, we’ll be fixin’ to come back in 2024. Will you join us over yonder?