ICON gets



We come for your daughter, chuck

When ICON puts on our party pants, we do it just like everyone else - with a grease gun and road flares. What's the special occasion? Thank you for asking; we were beginning to think you didn't care. The answer is that rip-roarin' raucous of a good time known as - Dirt Quake USA.

Yeee Haaaw!

Dirt Quake USA is the no holds barred, wild west meets circus side show of flat track racing. More hipsters and headbands than you can shake a stick at and you'd better believe us when we say, "we can shake a stick". Here's a question to ponder  the next time you find yourself standing in line to get brunch: Which was cooler first, the hipster or the cooler? Perhaps we'll never know.

Where did we all come from? Why are we all here?

Our first stop was to Team Speed Merchant's pit tent where we found the boys taking a knee and discussing the wonders of zero gravity, worm holes, and the space time continuum. Being big fans of science and Albert Hoffman's work, we joined the discussion. You think their mind would've been on the race, but that was to come later. This was a moment for scholars.

Something for everyone

The racing at dirty Dirt Quake isn't just for elite riders. Nay, it's for scrubs just like you and us. Off in the distance, away from the hubbub, sat a barn with just enough space to race 20 of your closest acquaintances. If rubbing is racing, then this was a full on orgy.

Burning Man, anyone?

On the main track, it was a regular freak flag throw down. Even this mamajamma got in on the racing action. Sure, it has three wheels, but do we really call this thing a trike?

he seems nice

he seems nice

Good game

Now, from up until this we totally understand if you're thinking to yourself that it looks as if we are all playing a bunch of grab ass and there's no serious racing. Believe you us, there was. After a few more minutes playing grab ass, we headed back to the track where Wiggins and Fonz were getting ready to lay down some dirty ovals. Always in search of the ultimate way to connect with our fans, we mic'd up Wiggins and strapped some GoPros on him so you can experience what it's like to throw that hog around the track with a rider knocking at your back door the whole race.

Dog days of summer

Look at this guy. His face says it all. If you can't read dog face, we'll help you out. His face says, "Wow, that was a barking party. We laughed, we raced, we sniffed butts. Can't wait until next year!"

Select photos from our friend, Enginethusiast.