We came to party

What is normally a see of orange, saw a large splash of good-ole ‘merican red, white and blue with loads of sticks thrown in for good measure – courtesy of ICON Raiden.


This year’s KTM Rally descended into the picturesque town of Crested Butte, CO. While the location itself was unbelievably stunning with perfect weather and abundant natural beauty in every direction, the rally goers were drawn to the RAIDEN booth like bees to honey.

Hello, nice to meet you

Just eight short months ago the RAIDEN collection was unveiled to the public and for many, this was their first opportunity to see and feel the product first hand. The booth remained busy all weekend as attendees asked questions, tried on products and learned about the multitude of design features and overall ethos of ICON RAIDEN.

Shred fest

Bright sunny days and moderate temps enabled riders to explore the area and shred some brown pow.

KTM’s version of a rally was done at a higher level than most, offering demo rides on their latest models and technical riding tracks, rivaling all others in the country. A bit of skill was needed to negotiate baby-head sized rocks while steep and loose was the underlying theme. Hoping for more of this at future events – RAIDEN is up for a big time challenge. Are you? - Photos byWESTx1000