Nikova II - A closer look

Nikova II - A closer look

The Original - Alliance Nikova

Can you remember back to 2012 when the Harvest Moon shone blue? Back up, let's start here - do you remember anything from 2012? If you do, perhaps nestled deeply in the catacombs of your mind, sits the memory of the ICON Alliance Nikova. Adorned with eyeballs, a gothic zombie bride, and a Kalashnikov resting snugly on her hip, the Nikova was all seeing and fully loaded. If there's one thing we've learned about the undead, it's you can't keep 'em down.

The Rebirth - Airmada Nikova II

Fast forward to the present, 5 years from where we just were, and you'll see what's old is new again. Why revamp the Nikova and release part deux? Because the original graphic was brought to you by none other than American illustrator, Mike Sutfin. You might know him from the work he did with Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. If that doesn't ring a bell, you may recognize his name from the artwork he's done for several Star Wars releases. What we're trying to get at is he's a big deal and we're honored to join the same ranks as Yoda. That alone warrants another go. This time we replaced the eyeballs with a murder of crows, as nothing escapes their keen sense of sight. It's a good thing too, because our winged zombie bride has eyes about as clear as Milk of Magnesia.

Ink on Paper

In this fast paced digital age, it's nice to see things slowed down. The Nikova graphic came to life via paper and pen.

The real OG

Mike belongs to The VACVVM, which is a sort of an international illustration cult of artists dedicated to working traditionally. Pictured here is his self portrait and as you can clearly see, the man's got talent. With 4 ICON commissioned works under his belt, we look forward to the possibility of a 5th.