Lords of the atlas

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

The original Big Time

On this installment of "Lords of the Atlas", two of Team Raiden's finest set out to reach the southern most tip of Africa. Crossing 12 borders and traveling 3,100mi, over 5000km, from the interior to Cape Town.
Once they cleared customs, the guys navigated through the “Wild West” of Africa and began their 6500ft ride to the Kingdom In The Sky, armed with Raiden DKR Monochromatic and a small arsenal of cameras.


Upon heading into wild Botswana the boys were informed that, unlike stop signs in California, you must heed all rules of the road. Rules such as this one: if a tiger's about, throttle it out. Cats are cats and you never know if one is going to want to bask in the sun or eat your face off. It's best not to stick around to find out. Elephants, however, are a little different. If you are riding and happen upon one, stop and wait until it walks on by because you never know if there is a little one tailing along. Pretty sure, you the reader, can figure out what could happen when a motorcyclist find themselves in between a mother and her calf, seeing as how you are an intelligent person. Yeah... it wouldn't be pretty.

Smell the roses

There's a lot of stopping when you're trying to share a story, especially one that takes place in Southern Africa. POV only wouldn't do it justice. The guys didn't always have the opportunity to take the a moment to sight see, because Big Time adventure demanded a full throttle. Other times, there was an option to stop, give the ol' legs a stretch and set up the camera to capture a truly stunning shot.

heavy hands

When Team Raiden reached the Sani Pass they discovered that riding conditions were incredibly harsh; thick fog and heavy rain. To add to the weather, they had to blast their way to the border before it closed at sunset. That really wasn't an option since it was hairy enough in the daylight, let alone getting through that same mess in the dark. Forget that; going as fast as their bikes could handle, they made it there just in time.

On the gas

Next up was Naude’s Neck, the second highest dirt road in southern Africa. Once again there wasn't a moment to stop and reflect at the summit, it was go time. Either that or the boys would have to snuggle up with one of the locals. They didn’t much feel like being the local goat hearder’s little spoon, so they high tailed it out of there.

Rules are made to be broken

From there they entered Baviaan's Kloof and found themselves truly on their own. No services and no one help, just each other. This coupled with inclement weather made them really appreciate solid gear. Sure it was cold, wet, and nasty, but their DKR kit kept their body temperature regulated which helped them keep their head in the game when it mattered most. At this point they were rolling on two rear flats with no trace of civilization in sight. The first rule of Big Time ADV is: always stick together, don’t split up, but of course a little communication breakdown led them apart. Using a bit of logic their paths later crossed. Both had flat tires with a sketchy patch job and still had to ride Prince Albert’s Pass, one more slippery paths, before the day ended.

Poachers suck

Seeing the Big 5 is truly an amazing sight and thankfully, Africa has game reserves to protect these beautiful creatures from human predators. Team Raiden made a pit stop to get a little more familiar with the native animals, such animals as the white rhinos. The game reserve wouldn't disclose how many were there because their horn is in such high demand, poachers aggressively seek them out. Lose lips sink ships, or rhinos in this scenario.

Here kitty, kitty

The boys were able to get up close and personal with some of the animals like this cheetah here. Surprisingly, this little dude was ok with the guy in the space suit and alien head petting him. Like we said before cats are cats and are unpredictable. Knowing this, the guys didn't press their luck. There's really no way to tell if a cat, domestic or mostly wild, likes four pets or five pets, but you can always count on them letting you know.

Work hard, play hard

As brutal as the ride was at times, the guys were able to catch a break here and there. It wasn't a race, they weren't trying to make it to check point to check point to cross a finish line that no one was waiting for them at. When they saw some promising spots, they stopped and one of said promising spots was a little place called Ronnie's Sex Shop.

Power of suggestion

Before it was the SEX shop, it was just Ronnie's Shop where tasty adult beverages are served. Despite being on a popular-ish route, time and time again, people would just ride on by and never stopping in. One day, a friend of Ronnie's had an idea. He went outside with some of the same leftover red paint that was originally used for the sign and added the word 'sex'. Almost over night 'Ronnie's Sex Shop' was a success. Inside of course, nothing had changed, but now with the sexgestion RSS has become a favorite for those looking for cool refreshing drink.

yin // yang

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be comfortable all the time? You have to understand pain so you can truly appreciate comfort. It takes moments of stress to help one embrace relaxation. That's what you are seeing here. Team Raiden was at the end of their journey and took a moment to kick back to reflect on their wild ride.

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With the trip wrapped up and in the can, the boys of Team Raiden made the incredibly long and arduous trip back to ICON HQ with a mountain of video and photos. Hot off the plane they made the content handoff to us where we began to piece together a story of what all they saw. At Raiden  we ride, we design, we shoot and we wrap it in all in a pretty package for you to enjoy much as we do.

Big time adventure

Big time adventure