Rogue Brew run beer and video premier party

Icon goes rogue

Icon goes rogue

Party time, excellent

Some of the coolest projects to work on are the ones where we get to mix it up with our industry and hometown peeps. We teamed up with Rogue Ales and Royal Enfield to create a video. In it, we gathered ingredients, ripped the Oregon countryside on 3 Himalayans, and brewed said ingredients into the freshest wet hop beer possible. That's what we claim on the label anyway. To premier both video and beer we created, Rogue opened their doors and let us throw down in their Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery, and throw down we did.

No help from T-Bone

How we wrestled that bike so easily in the rain from two slippery picnic tables and slick cement bar top, we don't know. It had all the recipes for danger, but you know what? That's how we live, maaaaan. Overcoming adversity one communal bike lift at a time. The deed was done - we placed the custom Rogue red wrapped Himalayan on the bar with the greatest of ease, and it was time to party.

Rogue Brew Run

If you know us, you know we like to make a statement. After scouring the world wide web for a possible custom tap handle, we decided we could do it better. Enter - Nean's flat track trophy. We know what you're thinking, "why would you ask her to let you guys chop up her trophy?" Listen, if it were 1st place, we wouldn't have asked, but it wasn't. It was 2nd. How better to honor your 2nd place flat track glory day than a beer tap? The Rogue Brew Run tap was born from dirty oval foot down desires but goes on living a second life - dealing out our tasty suds. The beer itself is deceiving. It goes down smoothly and is actually more of a powerhouse than it lets on. We like to call it a creeper, but we're in motorcycles not brewing, so what the hell do we know?

giving back through party

Before the video and while the DJ was getting after it on the 1s and 2s, we held a canned food drive in exchange for raffle tickets. 1 can = 1 Ticket or $1 + 1 Ticket. All proceeds went to support the Oregon Food Bank in time for the holidays. The prizes for the raffle were Advokat 2 backpacks packed out with Rogue and Royal Enfield swag. 10 lucky winners walked away with these bad boys, the stoke levels were at an all-time high, and the community was supported. That's a win-win-win if you ask us.

Hey, you! Wear this shirt!

Our friends at No Bad Press took 4 designs that we gave them, burned screens with the images, and brought their screen printing set up to print the rad shirts, as seen in the photos above. If you scrolled right past them, we'd let you take this opportunity to go back and reference them, so you know what we're talking about. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Stop, that's my purse

No Bad Press also styled out our Advokat 2 backpacks. Pretty sweet, eh? We were stoked how they turned out, so we stuffed them with SWAG and raffled them off.

Helping hand

People reached in their cupboards not only to have a chance at winning one of our sweet, sweet backpacks but also to support our community with food donations for our canned food drive to benefit Oregon Food Bank.

The beer

Here it is. Here's the actual beer we made in the actual video. Feast your eyes on this hop'n wheelie Brew Run. Enough of these bad boys, and you'll learn what it's like to want to Coyote Ugly a folding table with your shirt in your teeth. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly, of course, but this ain't Footloose, and you gotta get up to get down.

The stoke was high, the bags were raffled, and the food drive was closed. The time had come for the band, One Drink and Other Lies, to whisk us away with their boozy surf jams. With songs like, "Thanks Tequila" and "Wolf Shits," you know these cats like to party. They had come to the right place.

If you were with us on this night, you know it was one for the books. Beers were drunk, Hi5s were given, and bootys were shaken. If you're in the Portland area, head over to Rogue Pilot Brewery and ask for a pint of Brew Run. You won't be sorry.

Give it a watch, why don't you?

If you weren't there, don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep your ear to the ground and make it to the next one. We'll save ya a beer. In the meantime, check out the Rogue Brew Run video. It was a fun one. Until next time, TTFN!