Street's Not Dead

Street's Not Dead

Street's Not Dead

In the spirit of keeping this quarantine party train rollin', we bring you Street's Not Dead 1&2 featuring our boy, Kyle Sliger. Sit back, kick back in those sweatpants, and enjoy that show!

Street’s not dead. If you think it went away, you’d be wrong. Street’s still here undermining pompous authority, rejecting standards, and bucking the status quo. Street’s still fast, still loud, and still has the attitude to match. Street’s the middle finger. It’s the sense of self-definition. Street’s you, it’s us, it’s pushing the rev limiter and dumping the clutch. Street’s not dead, it’s immortal.

Street's Not Dead 2

Woooo! That'll get your blood pumpin'. Did you see that part where he slid for 40 ft?!? Of course you did, you just watched it. Ok, up next is the sequel to that banger - Street's Not Dead 2.

Detroit knows Street's Not Dead; it’s this well-torn territory’s story. With its promises of urban revival, the bygones of its former grime haunt the present amid commerce and development. From hopelessness to hope, the Streets have always had their heroes because the Motor City’s heart never runs out of gas.

Kyle Sliger knows the dangerous and seductive line between risk and reward; he rides that line wide-open, screaming into Downtown, grabbing for gears. Red hot, drifting through tunnels, crossed-up corners, pushing the limits of bike and body; this is what separates riders from legends. Back for another shot at glory, Detroit’s streets are alive and well.

Hulk smash

Now that you're undoubtedly fired up, do us a favor and try not to punch any holes in your wall or rip any phone books in half. We know how pumped these videos can make people. Karate chop cinder blocks like the rest of us and then enjoy a delightful chamomile tea. This is the way. We'll see you next time here at ICON Masterpiece Theater, but until then, stay healthy out there folks.