If you haven’t been to Barber Motorsports Park before, you’re missing out on A LOT.

880 pristinely manicured acres of pure motorsport playland, to be exact. *excited man grunts ensue.

The 17 turn, compact 2.38 mile road course hosts some of the most high revving engines you could imagine within the SuperBike, Grand-Am, and IndyCar series, just to drop a few.

Even the 8 miles of off-road trails are sheer dirt decadence. Mind the hillclimb though. It ain’t as easy as it looks. Even for a buff and tough sumo wrestler.

We also made our way over to the Barber Vintage Museum where we spent a little over 4 hours gawking and 5 floors of shouting to each other around every turn “C’MERE! LOOK AT THIS!” and we can tell you that wasn’t nearly enough time. If you go, make a whole day of it, and be sure not to slip on the drool we may have left behind.

Racing was inevitable.

We weren’t there to soak up the humidity, although we sliced and diced our way right through it on our minibikes for 3 days straight. We were there to bring the ruckus. No, not Hondas. They were there too, but you truly meet the nicest people on a Boonie. We stand behind that statement because the most cheerful yet gutsy folk signed up for our Boonie Bike Bonanza.

We love you, Mr. Barber. Thanks for your hard work in keeping all things motorsports alive and well down South. And huge thanks go out to the guys at MNNTHBX for bringing this event to Barber and making small CC’d shenanigans such big fun.